Roline podloga za miš i bežično punjene pametnih telefona, 10W

Šifra artikla: 19.11.1014
165,55 kn
157,27 kn
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- Wireless Charging Mouse Pad for wireless charging of smartphones and mice - the integrated coil in the mouse pad with up to 10W, the device can be charged very quickly and efficiently - Charges a compatible smartphone or other matching Qi devices, such as mice that support wireless charging - One charging coil for up to 10W of power - Plug & Play, no additional software installation necessary - Perfect for the office, home office or mobile workplace - Integrated LED display - Black mouse pad with leather-like surface - Qi wireless charging: * Qi is an interface standard for inductive power transmission (wireless charging) of the "Wireless Power Consortium" * Members of this consortium include companies such as Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and many others - How wireless charging works: * Inductive charging requires two devices, a receiver (such as an iPhone 8/X) and a transmitter (charging station) * The current is transmitted via coils that generate a magnetic field. The smartphone can absorb energy via this magnetic field and thus charge the integrated battery